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Leasing accounts for roughly 35-40% of your vehicle total cost of ownership. To help reduce TCO, implement a leasing program that’s not only right sized for your fleet type, but also representative of your business goals and needs. Choosing the right fleet management partner is crucial in these decisions.


Fuel can be 32-44% of a vehicle’s total cost. Reduce your fuel costs by utilizing a smaller engine when possible and cost-control measures that a managed program can provide.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and repair costs only make up 7-9% of TCO but can have a measurable impact. Create a preventive maintenance schedule to avoid expensive repairs later!

Accident Expenses

Accident expenses can be 6-8% of a vehicle's operating costs if an accident occurs. Reduce the risk and frequency of accidents with the review and update to your driver policy and the implementation of safety programs, such as driver training.

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These numbers are approximations based on LeasePlan's proprietary research into the average costs of maintaining and operating fleets of various sizes. Final numbers may be different for each customer.