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Violation Protection

To reinforce LeasePlan’s commitment to providing world class fleet management services, we are introducing a solution for an issue that plagues all fleets within the United States.

TollGuard is a tolling protection service that makes safeguarding your fleet against violations easy and affordable. The program offers backup toll coverage to protect fleet vehicles against incurring violation penalties when tolls go unpaid.*

We are excited to announce all LeasePlan-owned vehicles will be automatically enrolled in the TollGuard program effective October 1, 2019.

Saving Fleets Money
Toll violation costs can add up quickly:
  • Average Toll Authority Penalty: $27**
  • LeasePlan Violation Processing Fee: $25
  • Average Total Violation Costs to Fleet Customer: $52 per Violation plus Cost of Toll
With TollGuard, fleets pay only $7 per prevented toll violation plus the cost of the toll. Additionally, fleets pay for the service only when they use it – the TollGuard transaction fee is charged only when violation prevention occurs (e.g., when a vehicle passes through a toll site without properly paying the toll).

Program Features
  • Fleet plates are enrolled in a TollGuard account with participating toll authorities.
  • If an enrolled vehicle uses an electronic tollway and the toll is not paid, the TollGuard account covers the toll, preventing a violation notice from being issued. Vehicles under TollGuard coverage have a secondary account from which the toll is paid, so no violations are incurred. Photographic record is only taken in the event of a violation. Some limitations apply.***
  • Fleets receive monthly consolidated toll activity reports, making it easier to recover violation-related costs from drivers.
Fleet Benefits
  • Save up to 80% on toll violation costs.
  • Reduce exposure to collections and other penalties, such as registration holds and vehicle impoundment.
About the Program
  • All LeasePlan-owned vehicles will be automatically enrolled in TollGuard.
  • Enrollment will begin on October 1, 2019.
  • Fleets should remind drivers with personal electronic toll accounts to add their fleet vehicle plates to their accounts before the enrollment start date. Drivers should ensure their personal toll accounts are in good standing and compliant with toll authority policies.
  • Vehicles covered by TollPlan, LeasePlan’s full-service toll management program, and in good standing are automatically exempt from TollGuard.

*Some coverage limitations apply. Non-Compliance: Vehicles with plates enrolled in an E-ZPass® electronic toll payment program must have accounts in compliance with the home toll authority; due to E-ZPass toll authority policies, TollGuard is unable to protect against violations related to non-compliance (e.g., negative account balance, expired credit card, transponder not in car, transponder misread due to excessive speed) issued by the home toll authority. Fleet customers will be liable for non-compliance-related violations issued to enrolled vehicles in the E-ZPass region. Toll Account Limits: Vehicles with plates enrolled in the Maryland E-ZPass or Washington Good to Go! toll programs may not be eligible for TollGuard enrollment; in those states, toll authority policies prohibit enrolling a plate on multiple toll accounts. Moving Violations: TollGuard does not protect against moving violations not related to unpaid tolls, such as exceeding the toll plaza speed limit. Fleet customers will be liable for any moving or parking violations not related to unpaid tolls issued to enrolled plates.

**Average toll violation penalty is based on the average penalty across all toll authorities weighted against violation frequency for each toll authority; toll violation penalties vary by region, ranging from $5 to $100 per violation event.

***The vehicle’s plate must be up to date in the TollGuard system.